Cornish Pasties – Provenance Paradox

I have previously written about ‘Provenance Paradox’ – where a brand has a poor image due to its parent company’s home country or nationality.  As I come from Cornwall, some particular news stories caught my attention yesterday: the Cornish Pasty, a traditional miner’s lunch, has been granted protected status by the European Commission.  This means that for a pasty to be marketed as ‘Cornish’ it must be made in Cornwall, although it may be baked/reheated elsewhere.

This now means thousands of small bakeries around the U.K., who wrongly sold their pasties as Cornish, now face a degree of provenance paradox.  Consumers will start to notice some local bakeries changing their advertisements and labeling to remove any Cornish connotations.  This could lead to consumers discriminating any products not made in Cornwall by seeking out bakeries only stocking authentic Cornish pasties; hence: provenance paradox.

I just thought this bit of trivial news highlights the fact that provenance paradox can happen on any geographic scale – not just in a national perspective.

© Joshua Blatchford, author of Manifested Marketing 23/02/2011

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