Aston Marketing Society – Marc Mendoza CEO

As part of a mini-series I will be blogging/reviewing/summarising numerous events that the Marketing Society at Aston University is running throughout the forthcoming term.

The aims of this are two-fold:

1) These speakers provide very insightful marketing advice that students beyond Aston University could really benefit from

2) If you are lucky enough to be able to attend in person, hopefully this can open your eyes to what you are missing out on.

These are highly valuable events, primarily because the society have worked incredibly hard to arrange industry experts to come in person and give talks to Aston University students.  Notable events have also included speakers from Mccann Erickson, Saatchi & Saatchi and Cogent Elliot.  As you can see this a truly unique opportunity you can only experience at university!

The most recent event, in February 2012, featured Marc Mendoza, CEO of MPG Media Contacts.  Mr Mendoza has managed to rise through the ranks to become head of a top London agency.  Click here to see the huge clients they have worked with.

I think that there were two key lesson’s to be learnt from the talk:

1)  Digital and e-marketing really is becoming more and more important.  Mr Mendoza really could not stress enough how important e-marketing has become to his firm.  This is highly relevant to students as he went on to explain that over 90% of MPG Media Contacts’ job vacancies are in digital marketing. So it almost goes without saying that if you are a bit of geek and enjoy your marketing, you stand a much better chance of finding a future job if you develop your e-marketing skills.

2) The key point that I personally took away from the session – and could even relate to – was “Never let anyone down”.  When Mr Mendoza elaborated further, he talked about how trust is as essential to have between an agency and their clients, as this influences industry word-of-mouth and, therefore, ultimately determines the reputation of his agency.

This can even be applied to working relationships between individuals; effective co-ordination depends on open and honest communication.  Simply, “Do what you said you would do,” – if this is no longer feasible tell the person and explain how you will make it up to them, rather than let them down, and 9 times out of 10 they will understand and forgive you.

Outside of Mr Mendoza’s ‘lessons’ the Q&A session was great and such a rare chance to speak to a CEO.  This is something students really need to take advantage – one final year student even asked for help with his coursework!  What was great though, is that Mr Mendoza was more than happy to help out.  Networking chances like these are simply unmissable in my opinion (he has now been added to my linkedin contacts).

If you like the sound of this event, then you may be interested in the society’s next event featuring Jonathan Trimble, Managing Partner of 18 Feet & Rising.  His talk is titled ‘How 9 people took on 19,000’ and takes place on Thursday 16 February in MB204, so come a long to the event or subscribe to the blog to read my summary.


© Joshua Blatchford, author of Manifested Marketing, 10/02/2012

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